Taking a dive with my Rolex

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The path was steep and I needed to reach for handholds to climb up to edge. My purpose was clear. I was mentally and technically prepared, wearing my Rolex watch, the Sea-Dweller 116600.

At the top of the path I could see the sunlight from the clifftop, but in the shade of the beach tree it was dark and cool and quiet. The blue glow of the Chromalight from my Rolex radiated softly. I tapped into its energy, feeling more assured.

I emerged into the light at the top of the trail and surveyed the water down below. It looked much higher than when I was looking up from the boat. I unclasped the watch bracelet and used the GlideLock feature to quickly tighten the grip. I wear my Rolex loose; it’s more comfortable that way, but I didn’t want any play or spin on it during my dive.

I figured I wouldn’t need to worry about my dive depth coming close to the 4000 meter limit of the Rolex. The Sea-Dweller is water-resistant to 4000 feet. I had left my diving tank at home. We were on a casual outing on the boat and seeing the cliff bank was too tempting to pass up. The Rolex Helium Escape Valve would compensate for any extreme pressure created by hitting the water from this height.

So what happened? Everything went fine, except for one casualty: My ego.

I still need to perfect my belly flop!