The package makes a difference

When I saw her, I was overwhelmed by her beauty. I adjusted my watch and approached her.

“Hello, excuse me,” I said. “I was over there and noticed you and wanted to say Hi.

“Well, hi,” she looked surprised. “Ok…how are you?”

She carried herself without knowing her beauty. Her looks had always been there, while underneath was the real human. But the packaging was the complement to the human inside…the wrapping makes a difference.

Just like my watch, it doesn’t change who I am. But it does change something important.

When you slip it around your wrist and turn your arm and gaze at it, you get a feeling inside. It changes your attitude, it changes you, at least for a moment. You stand a little straighter, you look out into your surroundings with more focus, with a sense of purpose.

At some point you’ll forget you’re wearing the watch, but like her beauty, it is still working without you knowing. Because the watch, your gaze, your walk…she’s processing all of it at once. 

You are always leaving an impression, as you walk through the world.

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