Traig Huchel

The President of Sales & Buying for Wheel & Pinions is passionate and knowledgeable about mechanical watches. He has an unquenchable fascination for timepieces, which started in childhood. His love for watches has only grown stronger over time, evolving into an exciting career. He enjoys sharing his passion with other enthusiasts.

Traig is a visionary leader who wants to provide the best possible client experience. He strongly believes that buying a watch should be more than just a transaction. It should be an enjoyable occasion. He wants to ensure that every client feels special and valued throughout the entire process. This includes browsing the collection, selecting the perfect timepiece, and having the watch serviced in the future.

Our President of Sales & Buying is always seeking new ways to improve the overall customer experience at Wheel & Pinions. He offers exceptional service and top-quality timepieces. This dedication has earned him a loyal clientele who return time and again for their horological needs.

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